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Rates & Insurance

Please email Dr. Fraga to schedule an initial appointment. She can be reached at: [email protected] or via phone at: 415-310-1420.


Fee per session: $240.00

Dr. Fraga is not currently in-network with any insurance panels. If you have a PPO insurance benefit, meaning your insurance company reimburses a % of the cost for "out-ot-network" providers, Dr. Fraga can file a claim on your behalf. Individuals receive anywhere from 20-80% of the fee reimbursed. You may also use your Flex spending or Health Savings account to pay for your appointment.

Wellbeing Packages:
Dr. Fraga offers the following wellbeing packages for patients who wish to pursue this option:
* 4-session series: $960.00
* 6-session series: $1410.00
* 10-session series: $2300.00

Cancellation policy: 
If you're unable to keep your appointment, please contact Dr. Fraga 48-hours prior to your scheduled time to avoid being charged for your session.

Questions to ask your Insurance Carrier:
If you are using your insurance, please contact your insurance company and ask the following questions before scheduling an appointment:
* Do I have mental health benefits?
* Who provides these benefits?  (i.e. Many insurance carriers contract out for mental health benefits, which can be confusing.  For example, Anthem Blue Cross often contracts out to United Behavioral Health and Blue Shield contracts out to Magellan, make sure to ask which
insurance company provides your benefits)
* Do I have a deductible, and if so, has it been met?
* Are there session limits?

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