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When Teens Cyberbully Themselves.

Research indicates that teens are engaging in 'digital cutting,' by setting up anonymous accounts online and bullying themselves.

Parenting Twins Can Be Depressing. 

Parents of multiples are more likely to suffer from mental health concerns, like depression and anxiety, but less likely to seek help for their troubles. 

After IVF, Some Struggle With What To Do With Leftover Embryos.

Few families who conceive by way of IVF are fully aware of the emotional impact of making dispositon decisions. In this reported story, two families share their experience in hope that other IVF families will benefit from their narratives. 

Being Mom to a Middle-Schooler can be the Toughest Gig of All.

Many parents assume that the early years of mothering are the most trying on a woman's mental health, but new research indicates that moms of middle schoolers struggle even more than new mothers. 

Mothers of Teenagers Can Benefit From Social Support, Just Like New Moms. 

Research shows that moms of teens need social support, too and that this guidance helps them feel more positively towards their children. 

When I Was Your Age And Other Pitfalls of Talking to Teens About Stress.

Inviting teens to share their perspectives can help lessen the parent/child conflicts that arise during these stressful years. 

The Washington Post

Friends Can Improve Your Health and Well-Being, Especially During the Holidays.

With more Americans suffering from loneliness, studies show that investing in friendships can provide mental health benefits.

Can Postpartum Depression Affect Dads, Too?

Research conducted at the University of Southern California indicates that dads may also suffer from postnatal depression, the mental health condition known to affect mothers. 

How Schools Are Using "Mindful Eating" To Help Prevent Eating Disorders.

Eating disorders are one of the deadliest psychological illnesses and prevention programs can help bolster kids from developing unhealthy body-image perception and eating disordered behavior. In this reported story, I interview educators who are using the life-skills of mindfulness to help protect kids against eating concerns.

Prenatal Depression May be the Most Severe Form of Maternal Depression.

In this reported story, I bring to light new research from Northwestern University that states how prenatal depression may be more severe than its postpartum counterpart.

How "Grandmothers" Help Others Fight Depression and Anxiety.

In Harare, Zimbabwe "community grandmothers" serve as peer counselors, providing emotional support on the "Friendship Bench."

Quartz/Atlantic Media

New Research on Postpartum Depression Could Change the Way We Think Aboutthe Baby Blues.

Recent research indicates that mood fluctuations during pregnancy may be related to postpartum depression. In this reported story, I outline the latest findings to inform women about the warning signs of prenatal depression.

The Cult of Egg-Freezing Is Doing Ambitious Women A Disservice.

With companies like Google paying women to freeze their eggs and delay motherhood, it's important to know the science behind this reproductive technology. In this story, I interview two women who froze their eggs, as well as reproductive doctors who share their wisdom about the efficacy of this relatively new reproductive practice.

The Atlantic City Lab

Humanizing Homelessness at the San Francisco Public Library.

San Francisco is the first city to embed mental health services at the public library. In this reported story, Leah Esquerra, LMFT shares her experience as the first library social worker and talks about the many homeless patrons that the program has helped. 


The Health Benefits of Contemplating the Afterlife.

Longstaning research indicates that spiritual faith offers hope when unfortuante circumstances, such as death or illness befall us, but new research also shows that people who contemplate the existential meaning of life are psychologically healthier than those who avoid these topics. 


Parents Don't Get How Negative They Seem to Their Teenagers.

Everyone knows that parenting teens is challenging, but new research reveals how parent's negativity impacts teen behavior. 


What Every Woman Should Know About Postpartun Psychosis.

Many women are familiar with postpartum depression, the maternal mental illness that impacts up to 20% of new mothers, but few women are educated about a very serious maternal mental health concern, known as Postpartum Psychosis. 

The New York Times Well Section

The Benefits of a Mindful Pregnancy.

New research shows that "mindfulness based" childbirth education can lessen a woman's childbirth fears.

When a Pet Dies; Helping Children Through the Worse Day of Their Lives. 

Years after their pets died, some kids still describe the loss as "the worst day of their lives." Here's how parents can help children process pet death.


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