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Fertility and Family Planning

Mind/Body Medicine Cultivating Inner Resources To Relieve Stress and Nurture Well-Being

Besides the physical challenges associated with fertility and family planning concerns, many people experience emotional challenges as well.  Fertility concerns can cause stressful symptoms, such as lack of concentration, deep feelings of worry/sadness, difficulty sleeping and feelings of frustration/hopelessness. 

Mindfulness Based Support Can Help You:
Support Options:
I offer several support options for individuals undergoing fertility concerns/assisted reproductive technologies, including Mindfulness-Based support for fertility concerns based on the work of Dr. Alice Domar. Dr. Domar's research indicates that learning to elicit the relaxation response greatly reduces stress and increases one's chances for conception. 


Mindfulness-Based Support Can Help you:
* Explore the mind/body relationship and its impact on fertility working with the mind to modulate the physiological symptoms of stress.
* Modulate the relationship between stress and successful assisted reproductive technologies.
* Learn relaxation and mindfulness-based techniques, such as breathing and other techniques that elicit the body's relaxation response.


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