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Eating Disorders & Body Image Concerns

 Mind/Body Wellness: A Program For Those Recovering From Eating Disorders/Concerns
If you are recovering from an eating disorder/eating concern and are looking for tools to reduce stress, manage triggers, and learn new tools for self-compassion and stress-management, please contact me for more information about my treatment for eating disorders.
During your work together, I can help you:
* Explore the relationship between stress/trauma and your eating disorder.
* Identify triggers and learn techniques to help manage your triggers.
* Practice mindful eating and other mindfulness-based techniques to build awareness around your mind/body connection.
* Learn to listen to your body and what it is communicating to you.

I have presented many workshops on eating disorders awareness. My doctoral dissertation explored acculturation and rates of eating disorders among Mexican American sorority women. I have provided eating disorder workshops in the Bay area and for those patients who need additional support, I can provide referrals for outpatient treatment programsin San Francsico and Marin. 

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