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"Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and by honoring the questions, one day, you will live your way into the answers"- Rainer Maria Rilke

Dr. Fraga specializes in women's health concerns with a focus on maternal mental health. In her work, she helps clients explore and understand the myriad identity transitions that pregnancy and new motherhood bring. She works with clients struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression, as well as with mothers who are mourning the loss of their own parents or mothers.

Her clinical work is rooted in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories, as well as mindfulness-based practices.

Referred to as "depth psychology," psychodynamic therapy helps clients explore how early childhood and family experiences can unknowingly play out in the present, and contribute to distress. From a psychoanalytic lens, therapeutic relationships can reveal new insights, and in doing so, this newfound knowledge can alter thinking patterns, and lead to long-term growth and change.

In addition to her private practice, she co-facilitates a postpartum support group, "The Afterglow" for the UCSF Women's Health & Resource Center, as well as "The New Nest," a pregnancy support workshop, also held at UCSF.

Please call or email for an initial consultation:

415-310-1420, [email protected]

She offers clinical appointments on Monday afternoons, Thursday, and Friday.

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