Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on one-one work in a confidential and safe space.

In her work, Dr. Fraga uses the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for change. Through deep listening and empathy, Dr. Fraga helps you uncover the root of your suffering, which is sometimes anchored in childhood trauma, such as growing up with an emotionally abusive or narcissistic parent, or relational trauma, such as being repeatedly shamed for asserting your needs.

With emotions education and mindfulness tools, Dr. Fraga helps you identify, name, and process your emotions, using body-based tools, such as mindful breathing, which helps calm the mind and body. She also equips you with practical skills, helping you turn insight into action.

Session fees

Rate per 50-min session: $265.00
Rate per 60-min session: $315.00

Dr. Fraga is not “in-network” with any insurance providers. However, she will provide a superbill, which you can submit for reimbursement (if you have out-of-network benefits). HSA/Flex spending cards can also be used.

Appointments can be scheduled for in-office or telehealth. Dr. Fraga offers office visits on Monday and Tuesday.