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Postpartum Mood Concerns






Baby Blues
Motherhood, while joyous, is a major life-change. Research indicates that 85% of new mothers experience the "baby blues" post-birth. The "Baby Blues" generally last 1-2 weeks and are characterized by tearfulness, sleep concerns, and worry/anxiety.  The "Baby Blues" are a normal response to the fluctuating hormones and life-changes of parenthood. While upsetting, they usually improve on their own.

Postpartum Mood Concerns
Many women are surprised to learn that postpartum mood concerns are the #1 complication associated with childbirth. 15-20% of new mothers experience perinatal mood concerns (PMADs). Perinatal mood symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the "Baby Blues" except that they last longer and worsen over time. PPD can include: feelings of hopelessness, irritability, negative thoughts/feelings about being a mom, lack of interest in the baby, anhedonia, endless worry, and in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts or thoughts about hurting the baby.

Perinatal mood concerns are caused by social, emotional and biological factors, including, but not limited to: fluctuating hormones during the postpartum period, history of mental health concerns, lack of social support, past familial trauma/abuse, repeated pregnancy loss, and birth trauma. Unfortunately, PPD does not 'go away' on its own and left untreated, can worsen over time. The good news: help is avaiable and you are not alone. Like many mood concerns, PMADs respond well to a combination of talk therapy, medication (when necessary) and group or social support.

How psychotherapy can help
While scary, PPD responds well to medication and talk therapy. Dr. Fraga has extensive and specialized training in assessing, diagnosing, and treating perinatal mood concerns. She also co-facilitates a postpartum adjustment group at UCSF for the Great Expectations Pregnancy Program.  

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